eCampus is an on-demand exams / test preparation and self-paced education platform. With a simple user-friendly user interface (UI) and user experience that is capable of improving retention and recall rates by 95%. The user controls the learning process and can choose which topics or sub-topics to learn with hints and reminders generated by the system based on the learners performance and challenges identified during the learning process.

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Classroom In Your Palm
It'll blow your mind.

eCampus is easy to use and provides a unique user experience.

Step 1   Create a user account
Step 2  Login with your user account
Step 3  Search for the topic you want to learn
Step 4  Follow the content options (Read | Listen | Watch | Practice | Discuss) to earn points whiles you learn
Step 5  Manage your user account (profile pictures, view your points earned, and view your subscription status)
Click here to take a video tour of eCampus.

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.