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At eCampus we make education accessible, inexpensive, and flexible. Our focus is connecting teachers directly with learners to personalize the teaching and learning experience. We help teachers make extra income and we reward learners.

We bring dreams to life.

Know us

eCampus literally puts the classroom in your palm by directly connecting teachers and learners via mobile and web technologies. eCampus offers a unique user experience to complement three distinct learning needs addressing high school, tertiary education, and corporate training.

Hence, eCampus Test Prep, eCampus Fellows, and eCampus for Business respectively.

By leveraging multimedia content formats like interactive text, audio, video, illustrations, animation, test engines, discussions and virtual reality.

eCampus is able to appeal to the left and right hemispheres of the learner's brain which scientifically leads to an average of 75% retention rate for eCampus Learners.

eCampus Test Prep provides access to standardized junior and senior high school exams preparation materials with an eCampus Academic Performance Index (API) backed by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to determine when a leaner is ready for exams like WAEC's BECE and WASSCE.

For tertiary education eCampus works with teachers who are referred to as eCampus Fellows and anyone can become a Fellow by teaching what they know. From academics to business, lifestyle to music, dressmaking to shoe-making, car repairs to electronics repairs. Just teach the world something to make it a better place. Learners follow Fellows to learn by doing and accumulate points to earn credentials for employment in the form of digital badges (basic, intermediate, advanced, platinum, etc) backed by Blockchain technology to establish trust and transparency.

These credentials are measurable and evidential an intermediary badge for Leadership will be measured by number of hours of leadership lessons taken, number of tests taken, average scores, number of collaborative learning achieved through contributions in the discussion forums, and physical evidence of applying some of the leadership principles learnt.

For corporate organizations there is eCampus for Business to empower busy teams to learn collaboratively, drive motivation, and increase productivity which is measured with the eCampus Business Productivity Index (BPI) using AI and Machine Learning technologies to ensure credibility.

eCampus have been validated by educationalists and technologists around the globe from Ghana and West Africa to Silicon Valley, Europe to the Caribbean, Israel to China as a disruptive solution to education in Africa and for the rest of the world.

eCampus is innovating, transforming, and changing education delivery from adaptive learning to responsive learning in that there isn't one layout that always changes. Instead, there are several distinct layouts for multiple IQs. eCampus detects the level of IQ used by the learner, and delivers the pre-set layout for that IQ using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology.

Global Availability

Available on web, android, blackberry, iOS and windows app stores in seven (7) languages be it Amharic for the Ethiopian market, Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swahili.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make our stakeholders happy (teachers, learners, and corporate establishments) provide joy by making learning a positive, fearless, life long and successful experience.


Ultimately eCampus will improve humanity by giving ordinary people the capacity to get involved in progressive activities that will lead to significant national development, regional integration, and global impact.

With eCampus classroom in your palm, surly everyone now has the opportunity to self learn to their dreams.

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