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At eCampus we make education accessible, inexpensive, and flexible.

We bring dreams to life.

These we cherish...

At eCampus we make education accessible, inexpensive, and flexible. Our focus is connecting teachers directly with learners to personalize the teaching and learning experience. We help teachers make extra income and we reward learners.

eCampus works with teachers to offer a variety of contents from academia to business, and lifestyle. We specialize in interactive micro learning content development for mobile learning.

What is eCampus

eCampus is an on-demand exams / test preparation and self-paced education platform. With a simple user-friendly user interface (UI) and user experience that is capable of improving retention and recall rates by 95%. The user controls the learning process and can choose which topics or sub-topics to learn with hints and reminders generated by the system based on the learners performance and challenges identified during the learning process.
eCampus reduces the time from learning to employment by bringing the classroom to the student. eCampus proposes to significantly increase a student's recall and retention to up to 95% versus traditional learning methods that do not deliver recall and retention rates above 50%.
eCampus’ learning methodology is built on several years of research into how the human brain actually learns. eCampus provides content in alternative formats that stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain. With eCampus, learners can Read, Listen, Watch, Practice and Discuss topics of interest to them.

How To Use It

eCampus is easy to use and provides a unique user experience.

Step 1   Create a user account
Step 2  Login with your user account
Step 3  Search for the topic you want to learn
Step 4  Follow the content options (Read | Listen | Watch | Practice | Discuss) to earn points whiles you learn
Step 5  Manage your user account (profile pictures, view your points earned, and view your subscription status)
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Why Use It


  • Learn at your own pace
  • Increase your retention by 95%
  • Improve your test scores by 95%
  • Plan your studies
  • Take your classroom with you everywhere you go
  • Win prizes with points earned whiles learning
  • Read notes and e-book
  • Listen to pod cast and audio book
  • Watch videos on lessons and solving past question
  • Practice with sample and past questions using test engine
  • Discuss to learn from expects and teach to other
  • Up-vote and Down-vote comments and content
  • Calendar for events and activity management
  • Paper trial or history of recent topics learn
  • Announcements to keep you on track with your learning place
  • Flexible user profile management
  • Performance based point earning for cumulative assessment
  • Push notification

Our Clients

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afb Ghana Plc is a financial services company that provides innovative consumer credit products. We are committed to responsible lending and our produ...


Catholic University of Milan, Italy, MBA in Global Business & Sustainability : Social Entrepreneurship Track...

Africa 2.0

Africa 2.0 is a pan-African civil society organisation providing a platform for emerging and established African leaders to drive forward the transform...


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